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Tours in Israel

The company "Taxi Cartel" offers you the following tours:

Jerusalem. The city of the three religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Here you will find synagogues, churches and mosques.

Excursion to Christian Jerusalem

In this excursion you will visit places that are holy to every Christian:

  1. Mount of Olives;
  2. Observation area to the old city;
  3. Church of Maria Magdalene
  4. Curch of the Holy Family;
  5. Gethsemane;
  6. Western Wall;
  7. Church of All Nations;
  8. The Cenacle;
  9. Church of the Holy Sepulchre;
  10. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral;

We invite you to Jerusalm - the city of the three religions. The excursion includes:

  1. Observation area to the old city;
  2. Jewish, Christian, Armenian and Muslim squares in the old city;
  3. Western Wall;
  4. The Cenacle;
  5. Church of the Holy Sepulchre;
  6. Muslim holy places in the Temple Mount;
  7. Al-Aqsa Mosque and Omara Mosque (under the permission of the administration).

By choosing the excursion "Russian Jerusalem", you will find yourself in an interesting part of Jerusalem - Russia of the 19th century. Here you will see:

  1. The Russian Compound;
  2. Eyn-Karem;
  3. Russian Gorney Monastery;
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Dead Sea - Historical excursion:

  1. Visit in fortress Masada, located 450 meters above the sea level;
  2. Visit in historical places from the First Jewish War;
  3. Bathing in the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea - Excursion in Christian places

  1. Visit in the place of the baptism of Jesus - Tel-Al-Harar, located on a Jordan Territory;
  2. Monastery St. Gerasimos;
  3. Bathing in the Dead Sea

Dead Sea - recreation in a 5-star hotel, Spa, bathing in the Dead Sea.

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Excursions to the north of Israel

  1. Galilee;
  2. Nazareth;
  3. The Gospel Hall;
  4. Mount Tabor - the place of the Transfiguration;
  5. Mary's Well;
  6. The Kinneret;
  7. The Jordan River;
  8. Church of the Multiplication;
  9. Mount of Beatitudes;
  10. Capernaum;
  11. Fishing in the Kinneret with a grill for a whole day or with overnight stay;

Golan Heights

  1. Visit in the Banias river;
  2. Caves on the border with Lebanon;
  3. Waterfalls in the Golan Heights

A visit to the crocodile farm and bathing in the hot springs of Khamat Gader.

Excursions to the center of Israel

  1. Safari;
  2. Church of Saint George;
  3. Church of Saint Petrus and the grave of Saint Talitha;
  4. Observation in Tel-Aviv and visit in the old city of Yafo.
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