Taxi in Israel

Treatment in Israel

Today, the whole world knows about the high level of medicine in Israel. It's recognized as one of the most effective in the world. The high professionalism of the doctors and the use of modern technology make it possible to fight many different illnesses.

The excellent conditions in the hospitals and the caring treatment of the staff leave fond memories in the patients of Israeli hospitals. The combination of treatment and rest in the resorts of Israel makes the stay in our country memorable.

That why medical tourism became very popular in our country. The services of "Taxi Cartel" in this field can be invaluable. At your disposal a comfortable vehicle and a personal driver. A translator and an organizer will be yours to command. We will take upon ourselves your accomodation in a hotel/villa/apartment, if necessary.

We work with the following hospitals:

  1. Medical Center, Herzliya
  2. Asuta Hospital

We believe that our help will speed up your recovery and that "Taxi Cartel" will become your best helper in Israel!